Water extraction

Mega Water Extraction service

Water extraction.  If you have a water emergency or suspect there might be water damage in your home or office, immediately call us.   Our dedicated and professional team are prepared and have ability to respond immediately. 

What can cause water damage?

Flooding can be a very unpleasant experience.  Even if you manage to clear off visible water, what about the possible damages to walls and under your floors, carpets and upholstery. Water damaged needs to be seriously and immediately attended to in order to prevent secondary damage and cost

Taps accidently left open.  

Heavy rains, storms or floods

Leaks from plumbing 

Burst Geysers  / Sewerage

Water extraction service we offer

Water extraction involves removing the majority of the water left behind after a flood / Water damage. This helps reduce drying time dramatically and prevents secondary water damage and the growth of mould.  We use powerful water extraction machines to extract standing water.  Then we wash the carpets to prevent mold growth.

Important information:

We remove the mass of the water.  Even with proper drying equipment in place (and after washing the carpets) carpets can take up to 18 hours to dry

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