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About us

Residential cleaning.  Mega Cleaning has over a decade experience working in homes.  We will enhance and preserve the appearance and ambience of your home.   Mega Cleaning comes to you, serving you as the customer, at the convenience of your home.  Whether it be Fitted Carpets, Lose Rugs, Upholstery, Lounge suites, mattress cleaning or Occupational cleaning we are the right business to assist with your cleaning needs.

Residential Carpet Cleaning


This price list is meant only as a guide when Quoting.  We reserve the right to change according to our own assessment of the items to be cleaned.  However, in all reasonable cases we prefer to use the listed prices.  We do not charge VAT

Always included:

Deep cleaning (Hot water extraction method)

Disinfecting and Deodorizing

De-foaming and Color Brightener

Minimum Fee

The minimum fee includes cleaning of up to R650.00 that is done at the client premises


Fitted Carpets

Less than 40 m2 ( 1 and 2 bedrooms)


3 Bedrooms (R14.50 per sq meter)


4 Bedrooms (R14.50 per sq meter)



Lose Rugs not persian (Small and Medium)


Lose Rugs not persian (Large)


Upholstery  cleaning

3 seater + 2 seater + single seater @ R120 per seat  Any lose cushions are charges separately (Medium R35.00) (Large R50)


Reclining Lounge Suite

3 seater + 2 seater + single seater @ R180 per seat  

R1 080.00

Wingback Chairs

Single seater wingback chairs (add R50.00 for white / beige)


Residential Cleaning

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